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This thesis is an explorative survey of the actual use of chat-technologies in business. First of all the goal is to find out where chats are used in business surroundings and secondly how they are applied. Furthermore the issue of whether or not there is any common ground or difference between scientific literature and enterprise practice is explored. Results are mainly collected from literature research and seven problem focused interviews with chat-users.

Primarily chat never appears as a stand-alone application in business surroundings. It is always inserted in a bigger, more comprehensive application-surrounding such as Collaboration-Tools, E-Service-Tools and Instant Messengers. Most of these applications are developed continuously. During the research it was found that there are four fields of chat-application in business. These are internal company or project communication, customer support, market research, and recruiting.

At the current stage of development, it is impossible to foresee how the ideal chat-application, (in light of their respective purposes) will develop. Technological, social as well as economic factors will influence chat development. As a result of this thesis, it was found, that the main issues which should be raised regarding current development are the quality of chat-content, storing facilities and alternative interfaces. Of parallel importance to each of the above is human ability to use computer technologies.

Chat, synchronous communication, working conditions, work surroundings, internal communication, customer support, market research, recruiting

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Author: Astrid Holzhauser; Copyright: Astrid Holzhauser; Published by: Astrid Holzhauser (Astrid_H)
factID: 154799.2 (...history); published on 31 Mai. 2004 11:25
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